ABout us

Who are we?

Wellie Life is based in Somerset and specialises in training staff and volunteers to work at events. 

Whilst working with our sister company, the Eventurists, we identified a need for training providers who are able to support learners with additional needs. Recognising this gap in the market and wishing to support the growing number of events crew identifying as having an additional support requirement, Wellie Life was created. 

Wellie Life training is designed to support all learners, including those who have a SEND diagnosis (special educational needs and disability), or who don’t have a formal educational background. Our adaptable approach to training enables us to create a fun and relaxed learning environment which is designed around you.

As well as teaching accredited courses, Wellie Life also creates and delivers bespoke training to staff working with local businesses and community events. Contact us for more information about creating a training package designed specifically for your event.

Wellie Life is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP)

Future Plans

Learning shouldn’t be limited, and with this in mind, Wellie Life created its ‘Step Forward’ campaign, which aims to offer free and reduced cost First Aid training to local community groups and low-income individuals.

Wellie Life is always looking to offer new and exciting training opportunities. We are currently working towards providing Mental Health First Aid training.

Please check back or contact us for updates.

Sustainability and Inclusivity

Wellie Life is committed to sustainable, ethical, and inclusive working practices and we are thrilled to be associated with the following leaders in their field:


Without Exception

Humans for Rights Network

About the Founder of Wellie Life

Holly Solo-Hawthorn has an extensive background in Event Management and Training, having worked in the events industry since 2006. Her portfolio includes roles such as Event Control, Night Manager, Safeguarding Lead, Market Manager, and Steward Manager. She has worked with a wide range of events across the country, from Glastonbury Festival to the Edinburgh Hogmanay, including local and cultural events such as the monthly Frome Independent Market and the yearly Sandwell & Birmingham Mela, to Corporate Events such as the 40 Percent Symposium and Multimodal Awards.

Holly is passionate about her work and believes in supporting the learning of everyone, whatever their background.  As a person with a disability herself, she is an advocate for fully inclusive working practices and enjoys her roles on advisory boards for inclusion within the events industry.